Stories of greatness are not reserved for history books or biographies of Torah giants.
They are written every day by simple Yidden everywhere, as they have been for millennia.
These stories are the stitches in our tapestry, the notes of our opus — they are the words of our Story.
As we celebrate our accomplishments and growth as a Klal, let us also reflect on the individual Stories that make it all possible.
Join us at The Agudah Convention as we hear the stories of our brethren and of ourselves, as we learn the story behind some of today's biggest stories, and as Gedolei Yisroel guide us in writing the next chapters for ourselves, our families, and Klal Yisroel.
  • torah personalities
  • torah personalities
  • torah personalities
The Agudah convention brings some of the best maggidei shiur and leading Roshei Yeshiva together in the same place at the same time. This provides the opportunity for us to hear from a diverse perspective on common challenges facing us, as well as divrei Chizuk Vhisorerus from the people on tine front Lines of Klal Yisroel. The spectrum of the attendees at an Agudah convention is truly magnificent. While everyone who participates at a convention cares deeply about Klal Yisroel, some come from mainstream yeshivah backgrounds, others are baalei Teshuvo. Some are in business, others in tzorchei tzibbur or klei kodesh. In-town, out-of-town, Chassidish, Litvish, Haimesh, Sfardi, Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Israelis. Coming to an Agudah convention you will likely meet up with someone you haven't seen in ages' as well as giving you the opportunity to exchange ideas with people you've never met (yet!) - who care passionately about Klal Yisroel - but may have different opinions and experiences.
  • gedolei-torah
  • gedolei-torah
  • gedolei-torah
Where else but at an Agudah Convention can you spend a weekend, under one roof with so many of our Gedolei Torah. It's where an elevator ride can be an uplifting experience! Whether it might be a Halachic inquiry or advice on a Hoshkofa matter, many attendees find this valuable opportunity the highlight of their convention stay.
  • relaxed torahdik atmosphere
  • relaxed torahdik atmosphere
  • relaxed torahdik atmosphere
In a world in which many of us try to squeeze 40 hours of activities and obligations into 24 and still fall short, the convention is an oasis. The Agudah convention is the place to simultaneously slow down and speed up, to focus, to breathe, to relax and to recharge. The integration of beautiful tefilos and nigunnim, with thought-provoking drashos and chizuk, with delicious seudos in a beautiful setting is just the ticket to revitalize our commitments and our energies. Known for their creative presentation and unique cuisine, Catering by Michael Schick will whet your appetite with the finest in Kosher catering!
  • uplifiting-shabbos
  • uplifiting-shabbos
  • uplifiting-shabbos
An uplifting
shabbos - TOGETHER!
If you've been to an Agudah Convention for Shabbos, you know it is unlike any other Shabbos of the year. If you've only seen the Agudah convention from the perspective of a Thursday night plenary session, a Sunday morning, or even a Motzoei Shabbos Keynote session - you know how special it is - you owe it to yourself to experience a real special treat. Bask in the presence of the Gedolei HaTorah and gain from the inspiring Drashos. Be uplifted by a Ruach-Filled Shabbos with Rabbi Baruch Levine & Simcha Leiner! Make THIS the year that you really come to the convention - be there for Shabbos!
  • renovated hotel
  • renovated hotel
  • renovated hotel
The hotel boasts a newly redesigned atrium lobby spacious new Crowne Ballroom, upgraded guest rooms (including 30 suites) and many conference rooms. The dining areas accommodate a variety of seating arrangements, all ensuring the comfort of our guests. Although visually appealing, the value of the hotel layout goes far beyond aesthetics, and allows the program organizers to maximize the sessions and allows for many smaller sessions on targeted topics and venues for meetings to take projects off the ground. The amenities include a fitness center, game room, swimming, jogging track, on site spa, wifi, copy and printing services, and business center.
  • womens track
  • womens track
  • womens track
The women's program at the convention features all of the above, together with a sprinkle of wit and feminine wisdom. The message is positive, yet pulls no punches. Come with or without friends – you will certainly leave with many new ones!
  • interactive sessions
  • interactive sessionss
  • interactive sessionss
30+ interactive
The sessions at an Agudah convention are not 'entertainment' or for 'informational purposes only. They are the springboard to understanding, and ultimately acting on the issues and needs facing Klal Yisroel , The needs are diverse, from shidduchim and raising children, to helping others with parnossoh, to strengthening Emunah, as well as perspectives on government advocacy, legislation that can help or ch"v hurt our communities and our way of life, and challenges that members of Klal Yisroel individually and the community as a whole are experiencing. At an Agudah convention session, topics are discussed, solutions weighed, contacts and plans made, and change happens, You can be part of that process.
together we can
guest speakers
rabbi Aaron Schechter
rabbi Aharon Weinberg
rabbi Avrohom Chaim levin
rabbi Chaim Sampson
rabbi Daniel Osher Kleinman
rabbi Malkiel Kotler
rabbi Meir Lichtenstein
rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky
rabbi CHAIM ZVI Senter
rabbi Yosef Harari Raful
rabbi Yosef Frankel
rabbi Yaakov Feitman
rabbi Yaakov Bender
rabbi Yaakov Reisman
rabbi Yaakov Perlow
rabbi elya brudny
rabbi yosef elefant
rabbi paysach krohn
rabbi eytan feiner
rabbi ariel Shoshan
rabbi chanoch posy
david greenfield
rabbi dovid feinstein
rabbi Henoch plotnick
rabbi Heshy Kleinman
rabbi Benzion kokis
rabbi moshe heinemann
rabbi sendy ornstein
shaya ostrov
rabbi shimon alster
rabbi shmuel mandelman
simcha eichenstein
rabbi yitzchak yisraeli
Yossi Gleiberman
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